The Start Up excitement in India is mounting and almost reaching frenzy. This is a new paradigm in India which will change the business environment in the country and shape its future.I am sure all corporate leaders are considering how it will impact their company, for the good or bad. New opportunities, new threats are being thrown up for established companies and their leaders, big or small.Everyone is bound to feel the heat.4 million students graduate every year in India, from large or small universities, known or lesser known ones, but they enter the job market. Hardly 10% get jobs as soon as they are out of college. Till recent times, most had no option but to keep applying for an entry level position in any company. Now they have an alternative, to start their own firm or company. And many will. You will find that the best minds are no longer available, as they will try their hand at setting up business. Many have ideas (that’s the DNA of the young). New ideas, new ways of doing the same things, a new found route to instant stardom.So many have already proved this.

What are you going to do? Money is not scarce for startups any more. They don’t need to go to banks for loans. Funding is freely available. Hundreds, if not thousands of angel funds, VCs, HNIs, government agencies, even senior staff in companies, are eager to get on to this band wagon. The angel funds are easily getting funded. Will you wait and watch from the sidelines? The large corporations have started their own funds. Many are also starting incubators within their own companies to encourage internal start ups. Some have set up intelligence teams to understand the threats to their existing set ups from startups.India has always been entrepreneurial minded, this is just the wind under their wings and enablers. Perhaps you are also looking for opportunities to invest in Start Ups in your personal capacity.

IBG is starting its Start Up Vertical which will provide assistance and soft skills for first time entrepreneurs, like coaching, mentoring, providing the tools for setting up and running companies, etc. I invite corporates to join hands with IBG to be part of this new way of business life. Become a member of IBG and swim with the tide. Ask for details, write to

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