The Start Up fever is not only impacting new entrepreneurs in India. If you are between 35 to 45 years of age, you too have a great opportunity to set up a company of your own. You would have 10 to 20 years of working experience in big or small companies, and know your way around the business world. You would also probably have built some savings. The start up ecosystem is throwing up funding opportunities for people with experience too. You may be thinking of better ways of doig what you do at the place you work. Or you have come up to new opportunities around your line or even different from your line of work.

IBG is launching a Start Up vertical on 15th Dec at sofitel BKC. There will be a full ecosystem built around all aspects of starting companies in the new excitement of business in India. Funding is fairly easy to get from Angel Funds or VCs. Funds are keen to invest in ideas from experienced entrepreneurs who know ‘their way around’ so to say. Not only would you have fresh ideas, you have the background experience on how companies are run, including over all experience in the business way of life. You have a better chance to succeed as compared to first time entrepreneurs.

Become a member of IBG and get into interactions with fellow start ups, funds, service providers etc etc. Write in if you are interested. Click here to see the for the flyer of the event