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  • Nariman Point, Mumbai, India
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Real Estate


Every structure begins with a plinth. This is what holds up the building for times to come.. So let’s begin at the beginning. IBG has launched its Real Estate Vertical with a strong committee, each a stalwart.

The vertical is being led by Ajoykaant Ruia, someone who has been in this field for decades. His team members are Meenal Sinha, Sangeet Hemant Kumar & Ar. Taher Ali Raotiwala.

I and my IBG team of Priya, Siddhi, Girish and Sujata are the pillars of this structure.

The Real Estate business is in turmoil since beginning of lockdown. As it is it was in slowdown since a few years. This seems like the final nail in the coffin. Here are a few salient points.

Real Estate and Debt: Sadly this sector is greatly built on debt. Developers borrow to buy land and build. Buyers take bank loans, suppliers to builders have their own debt. Debt is like shifting sands, a slight change in economy makes the same sands into quick sands, in which you get sucked in deep, with very little chance of recovery.

Future of developers: It’s estimated that 7 out of 10 builders and developers will or already have gone belly up. Or will soon. Marginal builders have run out of funds to continue their business. This will cause its own cascading effect. The entire trade is in disarray, from suppliers of building materials, the entire chain, back and front.

Banks and RE: All banks have extended themselves with their lending to this sector. They will have to write off huge amounts in their balance sheets this year. As it is in the past Indian businesses took loans from banks considering it a on way path This has all changed of late.

Why am I saying all these negatives? It’s to bring out the reality of the situation. RE is such a vast provider of jobs, in millions. Failure of this will bring down the economy many notches. This brings me to the purpose of this note is to announce the setting up of IBG.RE, the Real Estate vertical of IBG. We will attempt the following

  1. Seminars and Webinars on Real Estate happenings
  2. Promote Real Estate trade amongst members and to consumers.
  3. Provide a platform to suppliers of all sorts to the trade, by way of advertising options on IBG website as well as Mailers
  4. Facilitate government clearances for RE related members of IBG.
  5. Special memberships rates to those who need additional services and presence in this vertical
  6. Invite top people as Honorary members, from trade as also government
This too is the beginning. More layers will be added once a quarter.

Real Estate Committee Members

  1. Mr. Ajoykaant Ruia – Vice Chairman - Real Estate Division
  2. Mr. Taher Ali Raotiwala – Committee Member - Real Estate Division
  3. Ms. Meenal Sinha – Committee Member - Real Estate Division
  4. Mr. Sangeet Hemant Kumar – Committee Member - Real Estate Division