President message
A Birthday is special for all of us. Each one of the 7billion + people in this world has a birthday. What it brings may be different for different people, depending on our situation, our status in life, our prosperity or our poverty, our family and
friends, our associates, and in general all those around us.

Its time to sit back and think, to reflect, to think all that happened in the past days and years, to think what we want in life, to ponder on what we are currently doing, and what are our plans for the future. There is always a past, and more important, there is a future to unfold. Even a person at 99 years of age has a future. There is always a future till you are alive so work towards it.

Reflect on what you did in the past, did you do good for yourself, your family which has stood by you through thick and thin, through your ups and downs, through your highs and lows? Did you do good or bad in the world and to those who touched your life? Have you done what the Almighty sent you for on this journey to Earth? Is this world a better place or will it be one by your passing through? Can you do something, maybe just one thing, to make it better? Everyone wants, but do you also give in equal measure?

I plan to work on my birthday, but also plan to think, to ponder. I plan to go to some place and feed the poor, to go to the temple, I plan to thank all those who made this day possible, I plan to plan. Turning 61 on 4th June gives me many past birthdays to remember.

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Tell me what you did on your last birthday.

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Vikash Mittersain
Founder & President,
India Business Group