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Shock And Awe


Two Momentous Events took place in one day, both of which took away the very breath of Indians.. One shook the whole world , that of Donald Trump roundly and soundly beating Hilary Clinton to the Oval Office.

The second event shook the world of Indians in India, and partially Indians elsewhere. This of course is the Modi Governments withdrawal of the Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- notes from circulation. Overnight all these notes lost validity as legal tender, and their value plummeted exactly to zero. No longer legal tender.

In the first instance, particularly Americans, but also to a great extent all citizens of the world will be impacted to a lesser or greater extent by Mr. Donald Trump taking over all decision making for the United States of America. We all know that when America sneezes, the whole world catches the flu. There will be such tumultuous, wrenching changes across the globe that this will probably be remembered as the Presidency of the Century.

And at the time of writing this article, the details of demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes is yet to emerge, its impact on the very life in India and of Indians, of Indian businesses, of the effect on the rich and poor, on the common man, on trade, on growth rates, on production and productivity etc etc yet to be felt, let alone absorbed. As the heading of this article states, its nothing less than ‘Shock and Awe’ at this moment. Maybe by the time this gets to you readers, some explanations will emerge, some watering down may happen, some solutions may get worked out. We dont know.

Fellow Ibgions, lets all pray hard that both the above , completely different occurrences, play out smoothly for the good of mankind. Lets hope and pray the world continuous to spin on its axis as before. Lets go into the future together

A new calendar year is soon round the corner, and in my closing article next month I will update the initial results of the 2 momentous decisions that took place last night, the 10th of November, 2016

- Vikash Mittersain
IBG Founder & President,



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  1. IBG Knowledge Cafe , Speaker session by Rajesh Sawhney on Wednesday 16th Nov from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m at GoodWife,BKC
  2. IBG Potboiler Networking event on Tue.29th Nov at Monkey Bar, 7p.m




1. IBG “Members Meet” on Wednesday 19th Oct. 2016 at Intercontinental, Marine Drive




IBG Members meets will now onwards be focused on helping each other improve their business prospects, introducing the people who matter, direct assistance in getting orders, in effect focusing on improving the top line and bottom line. A platform is being created which will bring out the needs of each member. The members will always think for the benefit to the other members and help in any way they can. We each currently run our independent business and very often come up against difficulties which we don’t know how to overcome. But if a larger number apply their minds and come together to help, some may have required contacts, some may have advice to give, others may be able to give direct business, etc

  1. To promote entrepreneurship among IBGites
  2. To create opportunities for each other.
  3. To use the IBG whatsapp group to put up the needs so all can respond on the group, or offline
  4. To acknowledge the assistance received time to time from members and the ibg platform.
  5. To give monetary figures at our meetings


2. Our member Aparimita Sapru is conducting this Indo Wedding Expo as below. IBG is also an associate partner to this event.

IBG members will get an exclusive rate of Rs.5000/-off to hire a stall here



6. IBG is also conducting interview series for startups. We plan to make an album of all these interviews and then get on to TV channels. Below are the videos of IBG Startup Interview Series conducted till now:


  1. Mr. Satish Kataria - Managing Director of Catapooolt
  2. Ms. Shraddha Patil & Mr. Bhavesh Kothari - Co-Founders of The Mentorpreneurs Inc
  3. Dr. Dhaval Mody - Managing Director of Mentagram
  4. Mr. Vijay Talreja - Director of Adapty
  5. Mr. Sidhartha Mohanty - Founder & CEO of
  6. Mr. Arunabh Parihar - Co-Founder & CEO of Zapdel
  7. Mr. Abhishek Malhotra & Mr. Rohan Dey - Co-Founders of PropRates
  8. Mr. Aditya Das Gupta - Managing Director of KeyQual Technologies Private Limited



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Member’s Corner


Ms. Smita Vora is a qualified Advocate & Solicitor of Mumbai High Court and on the Record of Supreme Court.

Ms. Vora was one of the Senior Associates with M/s Little & Co., Advocates & Solicitors, one of the top five legal firms of India for about 10 years. Ms. Vora was also associated with then M/s Thakker & Thakkar, also Advocates & Solicitors and with M/s Krishna & Saurastri, one of the biggest Firms for IPR in India, heading Litigations Department for about five years.

Ms. Vora was a part time Lecturer at Sydneham Law College, Churchgate. Ms. Vora was also a part time Professor at K.C. Law College, Churchgate and Professor at National Law College, Bandra.

Ms. Vora has edited preliminary book on Companies Act, 1956 written by Dr. Nilima Chandiramani, the then Professor of Mumbai University.

Ms. Vora was Journalist for short period of 2 years at Mumbai Stock Exchange and Partner in Stock Exchange Family Stocks Broking Firm before getting Sanad. Ms. Vora has handled the Portfolio of Stocks in Mumbai Stock Exchange for Butta Printing & Allied Industries Limited, a Public Limited Company for about 2 years



Mr. Vivek Arora
Innovative engineers, Goaa group of experienced engineers headed by Mr Vivek Arora is well known for their innovative and creative ideas in fields as diversified as Energy Conservation, Industrial Process Automation and Green Furniture.

  1. At Innovative Energy Conservation (IEC) we have helped our valued customers save millions of rupees worth of electrical energy since 2006.

  2. At Innovative Industrial Process Automation (IIPC) we have been actively engaged in developing systems to improve energy efficiency and helped our customers recover energy form waste heat.

  3. Our creative team at Innovative Furniture(IF) always strives to save precious timber by designing and manufacturing furniture minimising use of wood without compromising on the aesthetics thus saving the environment.

Our prestigious clients include CIPLA, Park Hyatt, Syngenta Bioscience,Adamo Group, SesaSterlite, Mahindra Holidays and MSS Designamong others.

S-2, Quinton Manor, Alto-Porvorim, Bardez, GOA 403521, +919860648988, +918322410043




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Dated : 10th Nov. 2016
IBG Team