Business Information Services

Sr. No. Business Enquiries from Chambers
1 Meeting with The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI)
The Chamber is in existence since 1965. They have direct members around 32000 and indirect members through other associations are around 10 million representing 24 sectors.

Following was discussed and they are looking to explore the below areas:
  • Key Development Sectors are Horticulture, Manufacturing, Defense, Industrial Products, Agriculture, Automotive Engineering, Medicine, Computer science, Tourism, Blue Economy, and Infrastructure, Logistics, Fisheries, Textiles,
  • Joint Collaboration in mentioned sectors
  • They are looking Training from India in sector like Oil & Gas Production
  • Looking for Indian companies to set up in their SEZ taking benefits of the incentives given by Government
  • How can we promote Industrial Corporation & Technical Development
  • They want to promote their SEZ Zone or EPZ program – Opens 55 Countries, Renewable Energy, Fishing, Blue Economy, Bollywood - Bring Production Houses in Kenya
  • Anyone who wants to set up in Kenya under SEZ /EPZ program the Chamber shall facilitate.
  • Attached above are the benefits they offer in Kenya and the entire 55 counties open up under this program.
Please click on the link to get snippet of the meeting.
2 Meeting with The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Karelia, Russia.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Karelia (CCI RK) was established in 1992 and is part of the system of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
Following business enquires were generated in this meeting:
Members of Karelia:
  • Mr. Dmitry Kislov: The product is network of cloud based hyper-converted high speed data processing centers (DPC) in Republic of Karelia Karelian Data Centers.
  • Ms. T ATYANA : Organic Food Company producing sugarless pastille from Karelian berries. She is looking new partners.
  • Ms. Tatyana: Anyone looking for film locations details in Republic of Karelia can connect with her
  • Ms. D ayana: Webiomed Project – It is a system of predictive analysis and risk management healthcare using artificial intelligence method. It gives healthcare recommendations to doctors as well as patients. It is successfully used in various Russian regions. They are looking for partners in other countries.
  • Boris Makhrenskii : Connect for Marketing agency in Republic of Karelia
IBG Members:
  • Mr. Vivek Singhania: He is interested to do renewable energy projects in solar and photovoltaic and to do research for converting waste to energy.
  • Ms. Hiram Shaikh: She is a Chartered accountant and would like to connect with people who are looking for consultancy in the below areas:- Cross border restructuring, Setting of prices in various regions, Advising companies in value chain analysis, Econimic substance analysis, Covid analysis, Accounts outsourcing
  • Priti Shekawat – Consultant
    She is a Supplier of Swimming pool cover Hardware (Brass Anchors, Wood Deck Anchor, SS Buckle, Brass Collars, SS Springs, L Wrench, Allen Wrench with Plastic Handle, Installation Rods with PVC Grips, spring safety covers, Tamping Tool, Lawn tube with Anchor.
  • Dr. Neeta Suhag: Owner - Aatm Body Clinic - Healthcare Anyone looking to set up aesthetic center with marketing and devices please connect.
  • Dolphy Mascarenhas: Director – Transfomatrix – Human Resource They are into International HR Platform, IT Industry Specialization, already working with Middle east, Latin America, etc
  • Mr. Ajoykant Ruia: Director - All State ComServe Pvt. Ltd. He would like to explore possibilities of Indians are allowed to have property in Karelia & Venezuela. Also they are into Food Processing equipment Please connect with him
If you like to connect with any of them, kindly get in touch with us and we will help you connect with them.
Please click on the link to see the video of the meeting: